Our diet can either help or hinder our ability to cope with stress.Stimulants such as caffeine,alcohol and smoking deplete our nutritional store and can contribute to sress levels. Sugary snacks and most processed foods stimulate the release of the stress hormone ,cortisol,leading to swings in blood sugar and energy levels.

Opt instead for ‘slow release’ energy found in whole foods – fresh  fruits,vegetables,pulses and grains,seeds and nuts. Substitute herbal teas for tea and coffee and drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated.

Under stress the body uses up its nutrients more quickly,particularly the B vitamins,vitamin C,calcium and magnesium,so it’s worth considering a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement to correct any deficiencies.

Eating raw foods and drinking water helps reduce stressful thought patterns and is the best way to keep your body and skin hydrated.

<<<<Take Care Of Your Health >>>>>>

Have :))-

-enough healthy food(a lot of fibre)

-drinking mineral water

-enough exercise

-enough rest

-enough sleep

avoid smoking and taking  fast food.

<<<Have A Nice Day>>>>May Allah Bless You All>>>

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